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Snow, Dogs, and the Super Bowl: It’s All Feng Shui to Me


By Joan Law
Feng Shui Joan’s Way

What do snow, dogs, and the Super Bowl have to do with Yin and Yang and Feng Shui? You would be surprised!

It is Super Bowl Sunday morning, and I am watching the heavy snowflakes fall across my world. They are quite beautiful. The view is clean, quiet, and calming and I start to think of the balance of life – Yin and Yang.

Winter is considered a Yin season, a time of year to look inward and reflect before we go all Yang in the Spring and Summer. Yin might be likened to the dark side, while Yang would be the light and bright.

Embracing the darker characteristics of winter does not have to be a negative thing. The winter months allow us to focus on the quality of life inside our homes. This is actually a great time to get some of those organization and clutter clearing projects out of the way. A quick, virtual consultation with an expert can be the spark of light you need to get started on a project that will reduce the physical and mental weight that too much stuff creates.

Let the sun shine in!
Sometimes something as basic as opening up your curtains can change the feel and energy of a room. That’s what happened to a recent client and she fell in love with her space again.

Sounds simple. Surprising that somebody might not think to do that? This is why discussing and questioning the obvious during a Feng Shui consultation can lead to amazing transformations.

Opening and closing of your window treatments is also a habit that tells the body and mind that the new day has started or that it’s time for rest. Everyday rituals are especially important during Covid-19. So many of us are out of our normal routines and that alone can create great stress.

Much of what I write about is the negative energy that clutter creates in our lives. Fixing that negative energy is what I do. Feng Shui study is pretty clear about how too much baggage physical or mental does not promote healthy yin and yang or life energy.

I think most of you recognize how the weight of stuff impacts your life. But did you know that clutter is also bad for your pets?

So, pets are really good Feng Shui!!
As long as you take care of them, pets bring positive and circulating (Yang) energy into your environment. If that environment is cluttered and your own energy is depleted or compromised by stuff, your pet will reflect your stress.

Your pet gives you unconditional love and makes you happy – so make sure you remember they need you to think about how your environment effects their lives.

Keep your pet’s eating and sleeping places clean and odor free – that is good for both of you. Pets actually need to know their place in order for good people-pet energy to thrive. Letting your dogs or cats rule the roost can overwhelm other relationships in your household.

Remember sometimes people and pets need a break. That is why I love Wag Central in Stratford.

My two four legged family members also make me laugh. And, as we prep for the big game (Puppy Bowl and all), Otis and Murphy are on the sidelines waiting for family to gather and food to fly. And, Otis loves his spa days at Wag Central.

A reflective morning that leads to full on energy in the evening is indeed a very Yin Yang day!

PS   My team won!
Don’t forget, the services I provide can be life changing. Call or connect via email any time to discuss how I may be able to assist you with challenges you are facing.

Be happy. Be well!


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