Thursday, May 30, 2024

Spotlight Stratford


State Representative Laura Dancho (R)
120th Connecticut House District
Committees: Environment; Finance, Revenue & Bonding; Transportation

In honor of National Small Business Week (April 28th to May 4th), State Representative Laura Dancho (R-Stratford) has launched her new “Spotlight Stratford” series, highlighting small businesses.

Rep. Dancho, who received a 100% small business voting record from the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) in 2023, was eager to showcase local establishments while addressing economic challenges faced by owners and employees.

She began the series in response to concerns from women- and minority-owned businesses on their recent struggle with high inflation and our state’s unaffordable climate. Her goal is to both feature Stratford businesses while also starting the conversation with owners on their needs going forward.

“Small businesses serve and support our community every day,” said Dancho. “Even though 99% of businesses in Connecticut are small, they are constantly threatened to relocate due to unfunded mandates and high taxes. It’s our responsibility as lawmakers to ease economic pressure, and through this series, I hope to illuminate our town’s hidden gems and how we can better support those who serve us.”

In her tours, Dancho has already visited a wide variety of small businesses in Stratford. She began her listening tour exploring ColorKote, LLC (300 Hathaway Dr), where owner, Nicole Olson, continues a 20-year tradition of providing quality glass designs for residents and commercial industries.

“Despite having an 18-month-old and soon-to-be pregnant, I took over at ColorKote,” said Olson during the tour. “Running a business is a learning process and it’s important to have dedicated support from our state and local officials.”

After the success of her first tour, Dancho received interest from other businesses, such as Edible Couture (1402 Barnum Ave), Open Door Tea (3552 Main St) and Lovely Cakes (195 Charles St). For many of these businesses, Dancho was the first state representative to take time and address their needs in several years.

“As a lifelong resident of Stratford, I have seen the evolution of small businesses in our town,” added Dancho. “I am grateful to be a resource and voice for owners and employees as they navigate our unpredictable economy. I will continue my commitment to small businesses in Hartford and invite all local businesses and organizations to contact me to be a part of our next spotlight.”

Dancho shares her Stratford Spotlight videos on her Facebook page.  If you are a small business or organization in Stratford and are interested in being a part of Rep. Dancho’s spotlight series, please contact her at or at 860-240-8700.


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