Tuesday, June 25, 2024

State of the Union Address


By Gabe Lattanzi
Stratford High School

I believe that the plans and details Biden’s State of the Union address were very strong and optimistic. I strongly believe that the plans he has for the nation are very good for the people, specifically the middle/lower class and seniors. I understand that politicians are very fickle and can’t necessarily always be trusted, but the majority of what Biden stated in this address is already in motion, so I have hope.

I strongly support Biden’s plans to fight back against the exploitation of the average American citizen by big corporations. Big corporations have been exploiting tax loopholes, allowing them to pay less taxes than the average citizen, or even zero taxes altogether. Biden is attempting to fight back against that, forcing them to pay a minimum 15% tax rate no matter what. He is also fighting back against “junk fees,” which unfairly costs Americans incredible amounts of money annually. Biden is extremely focused on making our economy more fair whilst still remaining capitalist.

Biden is also working to make the economy stronger by creating more jobs. He has made more jobs in two years than any other president has made in four. Unemployment has gone down astronomically, and inflation has slowed. Gas prices are lowering, and our economy is finally beginning to return to something we might be able to call normalcy. Biden has worked to provide more jobs by making it law to use American-made materials for all federal construction. This will create thousands of high-end jobs for many Americans.

What I believe is Biden’s strongest point is the fact that he is defending citizen-funded programs. Many Republicans are attempting to cut medicare and social security, or to use them to help pay our budget deficit. Biden is defending these programs strongly, claiming that we have earned the right to use them. This is the main reason I am a fan of him, despite my doubts at the beginning of his presidency.

The reason I believe Biden has done well as a president so far is that he tries to be fair to both sides. He isn’t blinded by his political party, and is genuinely invested in the government of America, not the two party system that has plagued our country for over a century. He does typically stick with the Democrats, however he doesn’t believe that the Republicans are incompetent.

I don’t think he’s perfect, however he hasn’t done much that makes me want him out of office.


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