Thursday, June 13, 2024

Stratford Halloween: Less Participants, More Creativity


by Elizabeth Saint

A friendly health reminder & a witch pulley system on Blakeman Street

Participation may have been down but Halloween-loving Stratford creativity soared on Saturday night.

From chutes to laundry lines, “take one” tables and Halloween trees decked  in candy “ornaments” Stratford residents made sure their visiting ghouls and goblins were rewarded for coming out.

For those who were in it for getting the candy… participation maps were posted on various facebook pages including The Stratford Ladies Facebook page, The Stratford Parents School page and the Old Stratford Neighborhood Association page.

Candy chute delivering treats directly into candy bag. No contact required!

All of the Halloween activities took place under a blue moon.  A blue moon is a second full moon to take place in a calendar month.  The appearance of

Catherine Johannessen, age 3. Her Covid mask makes the perfect turkey beak to match her costume!

a blue moon on a Halloween night won’t happen again for another nineteen years!

Here is only a tiny sampling of some of the candy transportation options.  — Please send in your own… or a neighbor’s efforts.  Mail photos to  We’ll create a photo archive of Halloween 2020.




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