Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Stratford Library’s Kate Sheehan Honored


Named Outstanding Leader by Connecticut Education Network

Kate Sheehan, Stratford Library’s Head of Information Technology since 2018, was named an Outstanding Leader by the Connecticut Education Network (CEN).  According to the CEN, “Kate Sheehan has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to CEN’s mission and vision with her positive contributions on the Engagement and Development Advisory Council, and through her credible advocacy in the broader library community. 

Over the past few years, Kate has stepped up at different times to lead the Education and Community Best Practices member conference program tracks with excellent results. More than just a track lead, Kate has been an active participant in the conferences by recruiting speakers, coordinating and moderating Makerspace and FOIA  (Freedom of Information Act) sessions, and presenting on VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  The CEN team regularly enlists Kate’s enthusiastic support of CEN for testimonials and advocacy to help other libraries reap the benefits of the network

and the community. Kate’s accomplishments illustrate the power of the CEN/Member partnership.”

The Crier offers its congratulations and thanks to Kate Sheehan for all she does for the citizens of Stratford.


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