Thursday, May 30, 2024

Stratford State Lawmakers Take Office


The inauguration of Governor Lamont was one part of a busy day in Hartford in which the 2023 legislative session gets underway. After calling the session to order around 10 a.m., state lawmakers  have until June 7 to conduct their annual business, doing everything from approving appointments to passing laws to crafting a state budget for the next two years.

In an address to the House and Senate Gov. Lamont hinted at potential legislative proposals that touched on housing, electric rate hikes and more while also boldly declaring the state’s “permanent fiscal crisis.”  “It’s over. It’s over,” he said. “It’s over as long as we maintain the same fiscal discipline that served us so well over the last four years. After many years of unfilled promises, now is the time to enact a meaningful middle-class tax cut. That’s a reduction in tax rates, which the state can afford and makes your life more affordable.”

Legislators are now set to get to work, with a few dozen bills of the expected 2,000-3,000 already submitted. Democrats hold a 96-53 lead in the House, with two members of the majority party stepping down on the first day of the session. Former state Rep. Dan Fox is believed to be a potential nomination as a judge in state Superior Court while Edwin Vargas of Hartford resigned as he seeks a job in the state university system.

The Connecticut Senate began it’s proceedings Wednesday morning with Stratford’s Sen. Kevin Kelly, R- Stratford, being elected for the Republican minority leadership.

State Representative Joe Gresko, (D) was sworn in to represent the 121st Connecticut House District.

Stratford Councilwoman Kaitlyn Shake, State Representative Joe Gresko, Maxwell Dulin, Kathleen Callahan, Chairwoman Stratford Democratic Party

Newly elected State Representative Laura Dancho (R) for the120th Connecticut House District was sworn in along side State Representative Ben McGorty, (R), 122nd Connecticut House District.


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