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Student Debt? Top Tier US schools get $70K a year.


Here’s What Other Countries Provide For Their Students

Country  Tuition (Nationals) Tuition (Internationals) Details 2022 Population
Argentina Free Nominal fees Nominal fees 45,510,318
Austria Free EU-dependent Free for EU/EEA for two semesters. Nominal fees for non-Europeans 8,939,617
Belgium Free EU-dependent Minimal fees for EU/EEA. Nominal fees for non-Europeans 11,655,930
Brazil Free Language dependent Free, but must know Portuguese 215,313,498
Cuba Free Standard (med exepted) Full fees, but international medical students with Bachelor’s or equivalent may get scholarship 11,212,191
Czech Republic Free Language dependent Free for classes taught in Czech. Courses in English have fees 10,493,986
Denmark Free EU-dependent Free for EU/EEA & Switzerland. Notable fees for non-Euro undergrads. PhD programs free for all. Non-PhD classes may be in Danish 5,882,261
Egypt Free Standard Free for citizens, although system is in need of reform 110,990,103
Estonia Free Nominal fees Nominal fees for internationals. Scholarships available. PhD programs free. 150+ programs taught in English 1,326,062
Fiji Free Standard Full fees 929,766
Finland Free EU- & Lang-dep. Free for EU/EEA, Switzerland, & speakers of Finnish or Swedish. PhD programs free for all. Some classes only in Finnish or Swedish 5,540,745
France Free EU-dependent Free w minimal fees for EU/EEA. Fees for non-Euros rising, but scholarships available. Many courses only in French 64,626,628
Germany Free Free Free for undergrads from any country; may have small fee. Many courses in English, but some German-only 83,369,843
Greece Free EU-dependent Free for EU/EEA (most programs), nominal fees for non-Europeans. Must speak Greek 10,384,971
Iceland Free Free Free for all nationalities except for minor registration fee. Most undergrad classes taught in Icelandic 372,899
India Free Nominal fees Nominal fees for international students, but students are not allowed to work while attending 1,417,173,173
Iran Free Free w obligation Free, but grads must serve government for as many years as were needed to get degree 88,550,570
Italy Free EU-dependent Nominal fees (€900 and €4,000) for EU students 59,037,474
Kenya Free Free Free w high scores on on aptitude exams. Limited availability 54,027,487
Lebanon Free Nominal fees Nominal fees 5,489,739
Luxembourg Free Nominal fees Nominal fees. Most classes taught in English, German, or French 647,599
Malta Free EU-dependent Free for EU students and Maltese citizens, nominal fees for non-EU students 533,286
Mauritius Free Standard Full fees 1,299,469
Mexico Free Standard Full fees 127,504,125
Morocco Free Standard Full fees 37,457,971
New Zealand Free Standard Full fees. Slowly phasing in three years’ free instruction for New Zealanders as well as Australians with 3+ years residence 5,185,288
Norway Free Free Free w/ one year completed or strong placement test score. Minimal fees. Most undergrad courses taught in Norwegian 5,434,319
Panama Free Free Free to all. Spanish proficiency is helpful 4,408,581
Philippines Free Standard Free to Filipinos 115,559,009
Poland Free Nominal fees Free for EU/EAA students, nominal fees for internationals. Many programs in English 39,857,145
Russia Free Limited Free to Russians and Belarusians with adequate grades. International slots are limited (15,000). Classes taught in Russian 144,713,314
Slovenia Free EU-dependent Free for EU and many Eastern Europeans, nominal fees for internationals 2,119,844
Spain Free EU-dependent Free for EU, nominal fees for non-Europeans 47,558,630
Sri Lanka Free Standard Full fees. Free to nationals who score in top 15%-17% (approximate) on aptitude tests. 21,832,143
Sweden Free EU-dependent Free for EU/EEA and Switzerland. PhD programs free for all. Many scholarships available 10,549,347
Taiwan Free Nominal fees Nominal fees for internationals. Scholarships available. Classes may be in Mandarin 23,893,394
Trinidad And Tobago Free Standard Full fees 1,531,044
Turkey Free Nominal fees Nominal fees 85,341,241
Uruguay Free Standard Full fees 3,422,794



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