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Students Honored for Women’s History Month Essays


16 Stratford Students from eight Stratford schools were honored for their winning essays on Women’s History Month.

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) recognized the student winners of a Women’s History Month Essay Contest hosted by the senator at a ceremony at the Stratford Public Library. The students were presented with citations on Wednesday, June 8th at the library, where they were joined by family members and read their winning essays.

The students wrote essays on the topic of “Important Women in Connecticut’s History and How Their Contributions to the State and Nation Affect Me,” and submitted the essays ahead of Women’s History Month this past March.

Sixteen winning students were selected from eight Stratford schools including Chapel Elementary, Eli Whitney Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Lordship Elementary, Nichols Elementary School, Saint James School, Second Hill School, and Wilcoxson School.

“I am so impressed by these students,” said Sen. Kelly. “Each of these young writers did a wonderful job researching the history of many impactful women in our state and sharing their stories with us all. Listening to the students read their winning essays surrounded by their peers and family members was a wonderful way to celebrate their hard work, as well as honor the accomplished women they wrote about. All the students who submitted essays did a great job researching, writing, and sharing their own perspective.”

Those honored for their winning essays were:

  • Ezra Amegboh, Nichols Elementary School, Topic: Mary Goodrich Jenson, pilot
  • Lydia Buzbee, Lordship Elementary, Topic: Helen Keller, author, disability rights advocate, and political activist
  • Isabelle Clarke, Second Hill Lane Elementary, Topic: Katherine Hepburn, actress
  • Alyssa Dessureau, Second Hill Lane Elementary, Topic: Mary Emma Townsend, social rights activist
  • Kenny Fittz, Eli Whitney Elementary School, Topic: Ella Grasso, 1st woman governor in CT
  • Isabella Fredericks, Chapel Hill Elementary School, Topic: Jane Pauley, journalist
  • Haneeya Gbadamassi, Chapel Hill Elementary School, Topic: Prudence Crandall, school teacher and activist
  • Tyla Gordon, Saint James School, Topic: Adrianne Baughns-Wallace, television journalist
  • Ryan Ivory-Rodriguez, Lordship Elementary, Topic: Anika Noni Rose, actress and singer
  • Ethan Mazzocchi, Saint James School, Topic: Martha Patterson Coolidge, movie director
  • Olivia Merwin, Saint James School, Topic: Edythe Gaines, educator
  • Leilani Navarro, Wilcoxson School, Topic: Marian Anderson, opera singer
  • Audrey North, Wilcoxson School, Topic: Rebecca Lobo, women’s basketball-UCONN
  • Caelyn Samms, Franklin Elementary School, Topic: Adrianne Baughns-Wallace, television journalist
  • Joem Vinlaun, Franklin Elementary School, Topic: Rosa Ponselle, opera singer
  • Justin Williams, Nichols Elementary School, Topic: Prudence Crandall, school teacher and activist

Sen. Kelly added, “I also want to thank all the students for participating, their families for their support, and their teachers and principals:

  • Kristin Fleming and Principal Daniel Hicks from Second Hill Lane Elementary,
  • Jasmin Osbourne and Principal Kate Murphy from Lordship Elementary,
  • Carolyn Agoglia and Principal Chris Robertson from Saint James School,
  • Paulette Campbell and Principal Diana Dilorio from Nichols Elementary School,
  • Melinda Therriault and Principal Eric Conrad from Franklin Elementary School,
  • Melissa Swanson and Principal Noelle Guerini from Wilcoxson School,
  • Robin Celentano and Principal Dr. Carla Armistead from Chapel Street,
  • Renee Dimatteo and Principal Victoria Florek from Eli Whitney Elementary School.”

Photo: Senator Kevin Kelly joins three Women’s History Month essay contest winners from Saint James School at the Stratford Public Library on June 8, 2022. From left to right, Senator Kelly, Tyla Gordon, Ethan Mazzocchi, and Olivia Merwin.


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