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Taking Down the Tree!!


Tips to Help you Pack up Holiday Décor

by Joan Law
Feng Shui Joan’s Way

2021 will start much like 2020 ended. We will all be working actively to stay safe but, I think, we will all also actively work to move forward and away from last year’s drama as quickly as a vaccine will allow us to.

So, while we are not in a perfect world right now, this is the perfect time to take advantage of being stuck inside! With COVID, colds, flu, cold weather and winds, we all have more opportunity to put away holiday décor utilizing Feng Shui principals.

Utilize one or more of these tips to reduce your stress next year and for years to come:

Take a moment to think about the holiday decor items you are getting ready to put away.

Don’t just strip your tree, tables, or mantel of decorations and dump them randomly into your storage bins. Spend the extra time you have this year and really assess what should stay and what can and should go.

Are you keeping broken items, items you really don’t love, or hanging on to sentimental items? By clearing out decor items that are broken and/or don’t hold your heart such as the grab bag ornaments or tinsel you hate to clean up every year, you make more room at your hearth and in your home for your beloved holiday memories. ​

Prepare to label your storage bins.
You may have décor that you set up for specific rooms in your house. Or, like me, you showcase cherished items such as handmade ornaments the kids made or special items that have been in the family for years.

When you put your holiday décor away this year, simply label your storage boxes appropriately. That way you can decide whether you want to decorate all the rooms or just some next year. Or you may decide to keep cherished items in storage and not bring them out every year. You’ll know before you unload all your stuff out of boxes exactly what is there. And, in knowing, you will have control over how best to stage your holiday set-up process.

Blend your holiday decor break-down process with a general clutter-clearing of your home.
Unless you are more of a minimalist like I have become, most folks need to pack every-day decor away to make room for seasonal decor. Once the holiday is over and you’ve packed and labeled your holiday things, simply give thought to each of the everyday items you are bringing back into your living space.

Remember, it is okay and really good karma to donate accessories and knickknacks that no longer serve your space needs. And, in Feng Shui, less is more!

Here are just a few places you can make those good karma donations:;;;

The bonus of employing these simple tips will be a less stressful holiday next year and a fresh, positive start each new year.


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