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The Lordship Fathers Club


By Tom Halverson

[This series of articles is intended to acquaint you with more of the Stratford areas and communities that are a part of our town. We invite you to share stories of your own neighborhood and what it means to you. Please write to We look forward to hearing from you.]

The Lordship Fathers Club was formed in 1947 for the purpose of helping the children of Lordship either directly or through the schools.

After World War II most schools in Stratford and across the country formed Fathers Clubs to give men a vehicle to contribute to their community. The Lordship Fathers Club (LFC) is the only one of the original groups left in Stratford.

The LFC recently kicked off our 75th year with concerts on the Russian Beach bluffs for residents. The club recently held the 61st Annual Spelling Bee at Lordship School in May 2021. We have been holding a Halloween Party every year since 1947 and an Easter Egg Hunt every year since 1948 (except 2020) for the children of Lordship.

Through the years the LFC has run blood banks, scholarship programs, sponsored Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Lordship Bombers Pop Warner football team and various Little League teams.

Growing up in Lordship, we all have our memories of attending the annual picnics held at Booth Park, the variety shows held from 1949 to 1993, the annual Children’s Olympics or battling for eggs at the annual Easter Egg Hunt where over 500 children would compete for a limited quantity of chocolate rabbits.

The LFC has had to scale back or eliminate several events due the shortage of volunteers in the past 10 years. Anyone interested in becoming a member or volunteering is invited to the LFC Clubhouse the first Wednesday of each month from September through June at 8 pm.  You do not need to be a resident of Lordship.  The LFC Clubhouse is located behind the Lordship Fire House on Prospect Drive. To learn more about the LFC please visit:


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