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VAX Facts


Effective Monday, February 28th, Stratford Public Schools will make face masks optional. Students will still be required to wear a mask on school buses and vans to comply with federal requirements for mask use on all public transportation.

Effective Tuesday, February 15th, the requirement for masks in all town buildings and indoor facilities was lifted.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Stratford as of February 22nd

The Stratford Health Department and State Department of Public Health have confirmed 10,390 COVID-19 cases in Stratford, and 1,932 probable cases for a total of 12,322 cases. This represents an increase of 48 confirmed cases and an increase of 24 probable cases since our last report of February 14, 2022. The Health Department continues to monitor these trends.

Unfortunately, there have been 190 deaths to date. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families and loved ones of those lost in our community.

The state is releasing information about how many individuals are vaccinated in all Connecticut communities. As of February 17th, 2022, 78.72% of the town’s population had been vaccinated with at least a first dose.

Note: Positive results from at-home COVID-19 tests are not included.

The Stratford Health Department continues to host vaccination clinics for those seeking first, second and booster doses of the Moderna or J & J vaccine. Please call the Stratford Health Department for more information – 203-385-4090.

Get Vaccinated and Boosted.

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 has proven to be very contagious, and those who remain unvaccinated should do so as soon as possible. More information on vaccines can be obtained by visiting:

Multiple clinics available check in to be checked out and vaccinated!  Let’s have the highest number of residents vaccinated in Connecticut!!!




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