Saturday, July 20, 2024

WeSpeak Performance



Saturday, April 13th, 6 ~ 9 P.M.
Open Door Tea, 3552 Main Street

The program is free and open to the public. Space is limited and reservations are highly recommended. For reservations call 203-345-9659.

SheSpeak began on International Women’s Voices Day and is an ongoing program of theatre art and storytelling. 

SheSpeak, and now WeSpeak, is a circle of creative women and now men from Connecticut. Our “Live Storytelling Event” is an innovative program designed to bring audience, writer and performer together. 

This evening we will present live interactive sharing of several audience members’ personal stories, inspired by the theme “SORROW” ~ for it’s in our sorrow we learn how deeply we love.

The program is dedicated and honors one of our founding Members, Peggy Sperling Galanty, who supported others and encouraged each of us to grow and become better at our crafts, whatever they are.

Writers are: Beatriz Allen, Bryn Berg, Kate Gill, Linda Gilmore, Ray Jacobs, Jennifer Ju, Jennifer Planker, Orna Rawls.

Performers are: Joan Barere, TJ Chila, Andrea Garmun, Elayne Gordon, Maggi Heilweil, Jennifer Ju, Nick Kaye, Diana Paulin.

Our Mission:

“To create a community of women with a ripple effect, connecting through the arts and celebrating our voices, our stories and our points of view.”

We use a variety of creative practices, bringing audience members, writers and performers together. This exciting sharing has been done with great enjoyment by all present. 


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