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Stratford the Beautiful

Stratford Crier Photo Contest

The Crier has launched a weekly photo quiz to acquaint readers with the many beautiful parts of our town.  Crier photographers will publish photos of Stratford’s gems and ask readers to identify the location. First right response will be honored with a free ice cream cone from Goody Bassett, a Stratford Mecca for ice cream lovers.

Our bad – last week we did not list our email address for you to submit your answer.  Here is the email address for you to try try again!!!

Thanks to all the respondents for last week’s photo quiz. Kudos and ice cream cone to Oren Homer Rawls, who was the first to identify Stratford’s beautiful and versatile Longbrook Park.

The 34-acre park sits on a former swamp and offers trails, playing fields, a wading pool, a playground and diverse wildlife as well.  It’s worth noting that the rocks used to build Longbrook Park were quarried in our previous gem of the week – Roosevelt Forest.

This week’s Stratford Gem is dubbed by the locals as “The Smallest Park in CT” and commemorates a stop on the oldest mail route in America.

As every week, the first one to identify the location wins an ice cream cone from Goody Bassett. Send your response to:



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