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Stratford Crier Contest

Stratford The Beautiful

The Crier has launched a weekly photo quiz to acquaint readers with the many beautiful parts of our town.  Crier photographers will publish photos of Stratford’s gems and ask readers to identify the location. First right response will be honored with a free ice cream cone from Goody Bassett, a Stratford Mecca for ice cream lovers.

Email your “guess” to:

Congratulation to Lilly Morgan, a Junior at Shelton High School, winner of last week’s photo quiz. Lilly correctly identified the Stratford of the World Friendship Garden at Boothe Memorial Park. No wonder. Lilly is one of the volunteers who maintain this beautiful, symbolic garden with her Grandmother Jean Goodnow and Master Gardener Anne Lees.

An ice cream cone awaits you, Lilly, at Goody Bassett!

The Friendship Garden was first planted in the mid-1990s in front of the Shakespeare Theatre by MaryLou and Hugh Catalano with help from former mayor of Stratford Ontario, Ted Bowles. It later moved to Boothe Park and has been tended there by volunteers for years. Similar gardens are tended by members of our sister cities in Ontario, Prince Edward Island, England, Australia and New Zealand.

Adjacent to the rose garden lies the Stratford sister cities Friendship Garden.  the symbolic importance of this simple rectangular bed of flowers belies its modest proportions.  In a display of cultural and horticultural cooperation, Stratford, CT and its five sister cities in Britain, Australia, Canada (two), and New Zealand (all with Shakespeare theaters) create a new design each year, selecting plants (mostly annuals) that will thrive in all five countries.

This week’s photo features one of Stratford’s centrally located treasures.  Our town’s people pass by it day in and day out, rarely paying attention. So, pay attention and let us know where you’ve seen it.

Ice cream cone awaits at Goody Bassett for the first one to identify the location.


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