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Stratford the Beautiful

Crier Contest

The Crier has launched a weekly photo quiz to acquaint readers with the many beautiful parts of our town. Crier photographers will publish photos of Stratford’s gems and ask readers to identify the location. First right response will be honored with a free ice cream cone from Goody Bassett, a Stratford Mecca for ice cream lovers.

Email your “guess” to: [email protected]

This week we feature a 1932 marker honoring Captain John Carpenter.

Can you identify the location of this marker and tell us something about the Captain?
We have a winner!!! Congratulations to Lynn Siegler, winner of last week’s photo quiz
Lynn was the first to identify the war memorial at the Main Street end of West Broad Green.

An ice cream cone awaits you Lynn at Goody Bassett!

The memorial was commissioned by Stratford’s selectmen following WWI in which 630 Stratford men and women served and 13 lost their lives. Sculptor Willard Paddock of Kent was chosen to create the monument and Kate Steichen served as his model.

Visit this monument and look at the details. A seated female is holding a shield decorated with an eagle. The shield is protecting a dove, a universal symbol of peace.

In her lap, oak leaves and stars symbolize the Stratford residents who lost their lives in combat. A sword originally held in her right hand was later removed as it was thought it was not in line with the theme of peace.

The monument was dedicated on May 24, 1931. State Rep. Raymond Baldwin officiated and Gov. Wilbur Cross addressed the crowd.

Sources: Lewis Knapp’s In Pursuit of Paradise and Connecticut Post, May 20, 2008. Special thanks to Dave Wright.

Ice cream cone awaits at Goody Bassett for the first one to identify the location of this week’s marker. Send submissions to: [email protected].


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