Monday, May 27, 2024

An Open Letter to All Stratford Democrats


I would like to have a few minutes of your time to tell you why I am qualified to lead this new Democratic Town Committee slate that I am assembling.

I understand that some may not know who I am and my ideas or that my slate is more effective, experienced, dynamic, and welcoming of young and seasoned members.

I am a lifelong Democrat with a Masters in Political Science focused on campaign finance laws, state and local politics.  I am a progressive political scientist with professional training and experience in policy, campaigns, and strategy to win future elections.

In our last election, I saw and experienced, a very narrowly focused “by the numbers approach to getting voters.” As a result of the significant losses of that election, we will be on the defensive in 2022 and will need innovation and new strategies as we advance to win. I can bring that innovation and the people who have the experience to win elections.

In my 2021 town council campaign, I got the most votes of any Democratic town council candidate in the 7th district in at least the last ten years.  And among the most Republican-leaning districts, I outperformed District 9 & 10.  In addition, I was an effective fundraiser, raising over $2,000 for my town council campaign and engaging several STDC members to volunteer and work with me.

Through my campaigns, I have knocked on thousands of doors and interacted with hundreds of voters.  I have built support of Democratic voters in the 7th and increased Democratic turnout in the 7th district by 30% between 2019 and 2021. As a treasurer, I raised money for state representative candidates to get their CEP grants.

During my last campaign, I, as well as others running for office, did not have the support of the current STDC, either financially or with up-to-date information on voters to target.  I am committed and will ensure strong communication with all of our elected officials and candidates and make sure that they receive the support they need and request.  I will be easily accessible for all members to phone, text, or email.

I am an effective campaigner because I know what voters like and what they hate. It’s not all about door knocking and endless mailers. Voters need a personal connection, and we are listening to them.  My philosophy is that to win elections we need to expand the electorate. Unfortunately, we did not do that this year.  In fact, we shrank it with social media posts and mailers with incorrect and negative information put out by candidates leaving traditional Democrats and independents with a negative connotation of us.

Negativity, smears, or lies, will not be tolerated on social media or internally.  The leadership’s divisiveness generated during the November election was self-inflicted, and I promise to be a fair and neutral arbitrator and react with respect and honesty.

I believe that the Stratford Democratic Committee needs sustained engagement in the community to expand economic development by encouraging members to step up to the plate and serve on town committees and community groups.  I not only support Democrats engaging in the community but will lead by example.

A positive engagement in the Arts will also be on the table for my proposed slate to become the SDTC.  I am an owner, and general manager of the Shakespeare Renaissance Festival presented last October in conjunction with and promoted by the Shakespeare Market.  I organized and put on that event with my team in less than three months, and by all accounts, it was a success.  I know the many hurdles of permits, logistics, and town services to overcome when organizing an event in town.

I am a successful small business owner.  My food truck, The Melting Truck, in its first year, was voted one of the top 10 food trucks in 2021 by CT Magazine.  Having worked in the restaurant industry for approximately 15 years, I have firsthand experience on the “hoops” a small business owner must navigate to meet the requirements of Stratford (as well as other towns).  I have volunteered my food service experience to support the community whenever I get the chance and partner with other Stratford businesses and community groups like The Lords Kitchen and Stratford Rotary club.

As for my background: I am a lifelong Democrat and have been voting in elections since I turned 18.  My wife Amanda and I moved to Stratford in 2018.  Before that, I lived just over the line in Shelton, but my family’s roots have always been Stratford.

In addition to running for office in Stratford, I ran against Mayor Mark Lauretti as a write-in candidate in 2015.  Following that election, the Shelton DTC Chairman asked me to run for alderman in 2017.  As a result, I have run on three Democratic tickets, was treasurer for Phil Young’s campaign in 2019, and was treasurer for Jose Goncalves, a Democrat running in Shelton for State Rep. in 2017.

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in political science, have been a presenter for two years at the New England Political Science annual conference. I am a member of the American Political Science Association, New England Political Science Association, and the Political Science Honors Society.

I have the credentials to lead this new slate, and I can bring more Democrats back into the party.  I already have the support from many younger Democrats looking to move the needle in town on sustainability to several current elected officials.

I am proud my slate reflects the rich diversity of our town, from people of color, various backgrounds, the LGBTQ community. We need to gain back the trust of the voters and rebuild our image in town.  My new slate will be that change.  Please consider joining my slate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I appreciate your Consideration!


Timothy Bristol
9 Ridge Road
Stratford, CT 06614-3243

Mobile: (203) 751-4161



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