Friday, May 24, 2024

Bag Ban


It’s About the Environment!

Save our lands and seas.

The ban on plastic shopping bags in Connecticut went into effect on Thursday, July 1st. It’s the second step of the state’s single-use plastic bag law that triggered a 10-cent tax in August 2019. You won’t be able to get a plastic bag at grocery and retail checkouts starting Thursday, not even for a fee.  Plastic bags in produce and meat departments are exempt.

Before you begin complaining take a good look around your neighborhood and waterways and think of the degradation these plastic bags contribute to.

FYI:  Only 20% of the plastic used on earth is actually recycled despite an increasing amount of production. Unfortunately, it takes centuries for plastic to breakdown, causing a tragic case of damage and pollution in our oceans.  Most of the plastics end up in the ocean. Unfortunately, occurrences of dead fishes turning up on our shores with the cause of death being ingestion of some plastic waste beg to differ. Even the ones that eventually get broken down (the so-called photo degraded plastic bags) do not do so to a safe, absorbable form.  Photo-degraded plastic, even after waiting centuries for plastic to finally breakdown, it doesn’t disappear nor become safely absorbed. It just becomes teeny weeny bits of plastic. These micro plastics are still as harmful as plastics that are yet to be broken down. They contain environmentally toxic chemical constituents that are harmful to both water and land animals.


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