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August Primary Elections


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By Registrar of Voters James Simon (D)

Q. Why is there an election in Stratford on August 13?

A: There will be a town-wide (and statewide) Republican primary election to determine the GOP candidate to face Democratic U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy on November 5th. Beacon Falls First Selectman Gerry Smith won the Republican convention’s endorsement May 13th, but longtime GOP candidate Matthew Corey received enough support to qualify for a primary.   Corey ran against Murphy in 2018 and lost.

Q. How about on the Democratic side?

A: Two potential candidates are trying to collect enough signatures to force a primary on August 13th. 

  • Former state Sen. Ernie Newton hopes to run against incumbent Herron Gaston in state Senate District 23. Most of the district is in Bridgeport, but some Stratford residents in District 1 (Lordship school), D3 (Stratford Academy/Johnson House) and D4 (Franklin School) would be eligible to take part.
    • Michael Singh hopes to force a Democratic primary in state Assembly District 21 against incumbent Rep. Joseph Gresko. He faces a June 11th deadline to collect enough signatures. Most Stratford residents in District 1 (Lordship school), D2 (SHS), D3 (Stratford Academy/Johnson House) D4 (Franklin School), D5 (Nichols School) and D6 (Wooster School) would be eligible to take part.

For any August primary, you have the option of seven days of Early Voting, to be held only at the Baldwin Center, August 2 – August 11. Absentee ballots also will be available from the Town Clerk once the races are set; 203-385-4020

Q. Do you need extra poll workers due to Connecticut now offering Early Voting?

A: We are always looking for reliable poll workers who can check any partisanship at the door and help us conduct elections that are fair and transparent, effective and efficient.  If interested, send an e-mail to Registrars@townofstratford.com.

We have had extraordinary success with using ~25 Bunnell and Stratford high school students as poll workers in recent elections. Most of them gain initial experience in helping us run mock elections for their Senior year class officers, and then they come to work for us. Entry level positions pay $255 for a very long day.

Q.  I kept reading about new voting machines for every town in Connecticut. What happened?

A: As often happens with the state, it is taking more time than expected : )  The current tabulators, which read your ballot when you insert it, have been used for 15+ years; they aren’t even manufactured any more, and Registrars have to play scavenger if they need to replace a part.

The state Bonding Commission has approved the purchase of new machines for all towns, and there are two vendors who are finalists to supply them. Look for new, more sophisticated tabulators to be used starting in 2025.

Q. When does Stratford vote again for Mayor?

A: Incumbent Mayor Laura Hoydick’s term runs through 2025, so voters will cast a ballot in November 2025 for Mayor, along with choosing candidates for Town Council, Board of Education, and other municipal offices.


Registrar of Voters (D)   

Town of Stratford2725 Main St.   

Stratford CT 06615   

203 385 4049jsimon@townofstratford.com 


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