Sunday, April 21, 2024

Bask in the Beauty of a Spring Day


By Joan Law
Feng Shui Joan’s Way

I have been very reflective of late and as I looked out my window today, I saw one single crocus pop its lovely blossom above the ground…waking up from a long, dark winter to bask in the beauty of a spring day.

This one small sign of spring had me thinking about why I started my business.

I have always been affected by my environment. I was constantly rearranging my room when I was little and my home as an adult. This was long before I even heard of Feng Shui.

It was not until I was completely overwhelmed with three boys, a baby on the way, an eighty-five pound dog, and a home to care for that a gift of a book about Feng Shui changed my life. I realized there was a reason and a practice that explained why and how our environments affect us on a physiological, psychological, and energetic level.

In time, I also learned to follow my intuition while I was implementing what I was learning. I found as I practiced my new designation as a Feng Shui consultant that my vision was more often than not focused on my intuition and not solely on a set of Feng Shui rules.

That is why I called my business Feng Shui Joan’s Way. My interpretation and application of what I have learned, practiced, and observed in my own life and in the lives of those who have allowed me into their homes, is what my business is all about. Furthermore, it is my work with Feng Shui clients that has led me to continue my work to improve people’s day-to-day lives by helping them prepare for the end of life.

Admittedly, I get raised eyebrows when I talk about including an end-of-life doula-ship in my repertoire. I often need to explain that this side-road to my Feng Shui work is really not about death at all. It is about living every day to its fullest by knowing you have the process for closure at the end set so that you and your loved ones simply enjoy every crocus that comes your way.

Today, I reflect on my world and the world at large:

I am grateful for spring showers and flowers – they remind us of what we should focus on.

I am grateful for, and I am enjoying my Feng Shui clients immensely even as I continue to explore the new adjunct to my business…living a better life while also thinking ahead to end of life.

I am grateful that those I love and care about have been relatively unscathed by COVID and that all are healthy and happy.

With all that is going on in the world, I am grateful to be an American and living right here in Stratford – a town that I love. And, even as we bask in the beauty of a spring day, let us pray for the safety of the Ukrainian people and for our leaders and theirs to make the right decisions for the world. I choose to be confident that they will.

And I am always grateful for all my Feng Shui followers.


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