Thursday, April 25, 2024

Be the Difference


By: Osi Rosenberg

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice,

but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” ~ Elie Wiesel

I feel powerless. I can not shake this ominous feeling, like the other shoe is about to drop. I think of my family, how they fled Poland and Germany in the 1930’s. I think of ships teeming with refugees looking for a port; gathering only what they can carry on their back and seeking a new home, because your old home was taken from you. I think about the way the rest of Europe reacted when a tyrant forced choices on the rest of the world.

I keep a small burning hope, that this time, maybe the world will not remain silent. But here I am, in the safety and comfort of Stratford, thousands of miles from terror, bloodshed, and hopelessness. I sit and watch… I think… I wonder…maybe not unlike you… “How can I help?”

In high school, a teacher led a class discussion. “What role, would you take in your community leading up to and during WWII.”  While I don’t recall all the grandiose ideas we all had as freshman to fix the world, the concept of the discussion stuck with me. The message was simple, “You can be the difference you are hoping to see.” For the first time I realized history was taking place all around me, and I can make a difference. I started paying attention. I watched people take action. I noticed how people affected history. I realized it is not just my place, but my duty to be active. Every time world tensions boil, I look for ways to act and help others act.

In high school, my answer was easy. I would fight with every breathe in my body, tooth and nail, until I had nothing left to give, and I would do it willingly and for as long as it took to defeat the enemy. Today, at Forty$#% years old, my blood still boils at the atrocities. I still have that fighting instinct! I cannot sit by and watch. I must act. WE must act!

The people on the ground in Ukraine are in desperate need for medical supplies.

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We are not powerless.

Donate today and spread the word.

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