Saturday, June 15, 2024

Big Bang Consideration


Think Before Setting off Fireworks

By Lina Karo

This Fourth of July. Just a thought for this upcoming independence day. Not here to ruffle feathers but we live in a community so we all need to listen to others once in a while with our ears instead of our mouths.

Each of one of us, no matter what age, participates in a social ecosystem. I understand the excitement to set off fireworks and the celebrations but there is something we should all try to be more aware of in our neighborhoods. When you set them off in residential areas, you are disturbing the safety & security of pets, neighbors, and wild animals.

I know we live in a free country. Everyone pays to have homes where we can feel independent and do as we please. So do people with trauma disorders. So do veterans, mothers with newborns, children with anxiety and those just plain afraid of gunshots & fireworks. You are triggering animals and human beings.

If you have the luxury of having fireworks than you also have the privilege to make a choice. A better choice. Instead of creating painful disturbances and causing a toxic environment, you can always donate that money, time, energy to animals or people in need. Just a suggestion and a reminder.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


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