Sunday, June 16, 2024

Board of Education Meeting-January 22


SHS Auditorium
Special Meeting at 6 PM
Regular Meeting at 7:15 PM

Abbreviated Agenda for BOE Meeting-Monday, January 22nd

Editor’s Note: The actual minutes for tonight’s meeting is 54 pages.  To read the complete 54 page agenda for tonight’s meeting go to:

The special meeting prior at 6 pm, is described as Board orientation with a member of their legal counsel.

If you cannot attend the meeting in person you can watch/listen live or on recorded video from the SPS YouTube channel: 

A brief overview of what’s currently going on:

• Dr. Uyi Osunde, the Superintendent, is on administrative leave while his second-degree breach of peace charge is being investigated.

• Heather Borges, the director of pupil personnel services, is the current Acting Superintendent.

• It was reported in several CT news outlets that Dr. Fallon Daniels, the Assistant Superintendent, has been placed on leave due to “work-related issues.”

• Dr. Kevin Klemme, the Grants Administrator for the district, passed away in December. Dr. Klemme’s work was critical to securing grant funding for our schools and he excelled in this position.

• The BOE currently has a 4-3 Republican majority and the committee assignments made by this Board have reflected a strong Republican partiality, with many votes going down party lines, 4-3.

• The SLAM redistricting report, which will include redistricting options, is expected to be delivered to the Board in early February. The report was commissioned under the previous BOE. It is looking to address racial balancing while honoring the three additional goals of stakeholders: “maintain neighborhood schools,” “equal class size,” and “disrupt the least number of students.” Currently two SPS schools have been flagged by the state for impending racial imbalance (Franklin and Johnson House).


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