Saturday, July 20, 2024

Pollinator Day at the Judson House Historical Gardens


Sponsored by the Stratford Historical Society

The Judson House Historical Gardens, on the grounds of the Stratford Historical Society, held its annual Pollinator Day celebration on Sunday.

The garden is a pollinator demonstration garden. Planted with primarily native plants that benefit our precious pollinators and give a history lesson, educating visitors on some of the uses of these plants 300+ years ago, as opposed to how we may use them today. Many plants we all grow are for beauty or to support our pollinator population, while our Native Americans and early settlers may have used them for other reasons. It is a garden to inspire and inform. The signage throughout gives information on the growing habits of these plants, which they may benefit from, and a historical fun fact. QR codes are also included to direct inquisitive visitors to more information.

These plants, many of which have been thriving on our land for thousands of years, are a living testament to our deep-rooted history. They were here long before any European settler set foot on American soil, and their presence is a powerful reminder of our commitment to preserving and sharing our heritage. This mission is at the heart of the Stratford Historical Society, and we invite you to join us in celebrating this rich history at our Pollinator Day celebration. It’s not just a garden, but a living history book, waiting to be explored.

Stratford Historical Society Staff with starter plants for our gardens.

Learning how to start plants.

Vendors selling wares that reflected the Pollinator Pathway Day themes.

Rain barrel awarded to an attendee, as well as other “treasures” the Society displayed.


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