Thursday, April 25, 2024

Center School Development


Spirit (Kaali-Nagy Properties) Awarded Project

Sutton Place

The Center School Selection Committee on February 23rd in a public meeting (for public knowledge, not public input) announced that they had selected Spirit Investors (Kaali-Nagy Properties) to develop the former Center School Property.

According to George Peramen, Chairman of the Center School Selection Committee, the selection was based on previous presentations and materials submitted by Romano Brothers and Spirit Investors.  The Committee’s decision was based on a Developer evaluation having 5 weighted values.

Relative experience 30%: Romano Brothers was a 36, with a weighted 10.89; Spirit  44, with a weighted 13.2.

Design, 25%: Site planning and design: Romano Brothers, 36, weighted 9; Spirit 44.5 with a weighted 11.125.

Financial, 20%: Coming in on budget, worth, etc., Romano Brothers 38.7, weighted, 6; Spirit 41, weighted, 8.2.

Team, 20%: Romano 42, weighted 4.2;  Spirit, 44, weighted 4.4.

References, 15%: Romano Brothers 36, weighted, 5.4; Spirit 44.5, weighted 6.675.

The Final Count:

Romano Brothers 188 (weighted 37)

Spirit Investors 218 (weighted 43.6)

This selection is now submitted to the Town Council to be placed on an agenda for a final vote.


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