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Christopher Green Qualifies for Public Financing in Race for Connecticut State Senate


In his first bid for public office, Democratic State Senate candidate Christopher Green has qualified for public financing through the state’s Citizen’s Election Program (CEP). Green has already raised more than $18,000 with donors from across the district, which includes Stratford, Shelton, Seymour and Monroe.

“As someone who only decided to run about three months ago, this is a clear sign of the strong local support for my candidacy,” said Green. His opponent, State Sen. Kevin Kelly, has not yet been certified for state funds. Sen. Kelly was the only Republican State Senator to run unopposed in Connecticut in 2020.

Through the CEP program, which was established in Connecticut in 2008, candidates in statewide races can apply for public grants to finance their campaigns — as long as they meet specific fundraising goals, agree to limit their personal contributions, refuse donations from corporate entities and do not accept more than $290 from any individual.

“CEP helps take big donors and corporations out of the political equation, giving candidates the ability to focus on people and issues instead of fundraising,” Green said. “That strengthens our democracy. The program should serve as a model across the country.”

Green, who has knocked on more than 3,000 doors in his district to date, has a background in business and education. He says that experience has prepared him for addressing the issues that matter most to his constituents.

“I am proud of the work that has been done to get our fiscal house in order,” said Green. “Governor Lamont and Connecticut Democrats have prioritized paying down our pension debts, saving us $440 million dollars a year moving forward. Alongside this, they provided a record-setting $600 million dollar tax cut focused on the middle class. They’ve also pushed investments in early childhood education and mental health. I want to continue these efforts that balance immediate help for those who need it most with sound, long-term planning. My opponent voted against this budget. He advocates paying less on the debt, which will only cost more later. That is a shell game, not a tax cut.”

Green does not believe his opponent has done enough to help workers, protect individual rights and keep residents safe: “Sen. Kelly voted against Connecticut Paid Leave. He did not vote on a bill strengthening women’s reproductive rights. He voted against a bill updating and strengthening our red flag laws. Residents in my district deserve a State Senator who will represent and protect their interests. I am looking forward to fighting for our families and our future.”

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