Thursday, April 25, 2024

Correction: In last week’s Stratford Crier’s Megan Booth’s Letter to the Editor contained an error:


 “I need to publish a correction to my letter. It was brought to my attention that the circulation numbers I used measured circulation over 6 years, not per year as I had thought. The correct circulation data on average over the last six year at both middle schools averaged 1 book per 3 students per year. So even worse that what I had calculated previously!!!  I’m so sorry about the error.”

Original Paragraph: There has been an astounding amount of research supporting the value of libraries and librarians. Studies beginning in 1960 to present day all support the same conclusion: that there is a “strong relationship” between quality library programs and student achievement. (Data compiled by the American Association of School Librarians). Our school district has already seen the detriment of losing librarians at the middle school level, where circulation has declined drastically. At the extreme, over the last 6 years, Flood Middle School students checked out an average of 1.5 books. Per Year. (Averages taken from 12 years of circulation data between both middle schools, provided by Follett/Destiny software and BOE enrollment data).


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