Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Food Insecurity


State Representative Phil Young (D)
120th Connecticut House District

Dear Neighbor,

We often don’t think about food insecurity impacting our college students, but the truth is that many students face challenges in providing nutritional, affordable meals for themselves. Remote learning during the pandemic presented additional challenges.

The added stress of food insecurity can significantly affect a student’s success in pursuing higher education, which can lead to lower academic performance, depression, poor physical health, and low retention.

Today the House passed HB 5301 which works to identify the nutritional needs of students and establish strategies to combat food insecurity at our colleges and universities.

Under this bill, public colleges and universities in Connecticut will conduct a survey and collect data to evaluate programs and services that address the needs of food insecure students. The bill also identifies programs offered by colleges that meet federal criteria to expand access to the food-assistance SNAP program to full-time students.

Programs and services that can help:
•            Lower cost food or meals plans
•            Provide additional swipes on meal plan
•            Provide financial assistance
•            With access to campus food pantries
•            Help with access to fruit and vegetable incentive program

At a time with high inflation and rising costs of everyday items, I am proud to support this legislation that will help so many in need.

This bill next heads to the senate for consideration.


Phil Young


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