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Gen Z Classic Movie Review


Ghostbusters (1984)

By Peter Mazzucco
Stratford High School

Who are you going to call when you are in trouble?  Many of us would say their mom, dad, a friend but hardly anyone would say Ghostbusters!! Dan Aykroyd had a belief in the paranormal.  His mom for one claimed to have seen ghosts. He wrote a book entitled, History of Ghosts.  He continued on to create the movie, Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters was released in June, 1984.  It was a movie of comedy, action and horror. Ghostbusters launched into a multi-million dollar franchise. This included TV shows, sequels, comic books, clothing, music and much more.

Bill Murray is a great actor in this movie. Andrew Pulver, a middle-aged male, stated that the humor in the movie is great with top of his game, Bill Murray and everyone else involved.  He wrote this review in Rotten Tomatoes. The review praised every aspect of the movie.  He quoted, “But really it’s the blizzard of college-humor smut purveyed by Murray- and occasional deadpan-nerd sallies form Ramis-that still make this such a treat, a quarter of a century on.”  One review by Janet Maslin states the negative.  It focuses more on the movie than the actual plot.

Ghostbusters is an action packed movie with a lot of neat effects such as when a transparent green-slime monster gobbles up a mouthful of hot dogs.  The plot involves an epidemic of psychic reports in Manhattan.

The actors, Murray, Ramis, and Aykroyd, defrocked parapsychologists whose university experiments have been exposed, create a company named Ghostbusters and offer to speed to the rescue like a supernatural version of the Orkin man.

Besides the  story about catching scary ghosts and the possible end of the world it also has the audience laughing at the jokes. Yes, there are some inappropriate language that we would not want others to hear, especially kids but parents can have conversations with them.  This was back in the 80’s so yes, they smoked in the movie.  Again, a discussion for parents to have and mention to their children that it was the era.   Make it a family movie night and talk to the kids after the movie about other characteristics of heroes and how others can save the day.

Almost all reviews online have been positive about the movie. Some do say strong language but in this day in age, what show or video game doesn’t have it?  Some I read are opinions and not actual facts.  See the movie for yourself!  I ain’t afraid of no ghost!!


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