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Grace Lutheran Church


60 Years of Service to Stratford

150 Chapel Street

By Peggy Fernandes
Office Manager

Grace Lutheran Church was originally built in 1964, and has gone through many changes, including repairs due to several arson fires in the sanctuary, a new roof installed on the sanctuary and later new coatings on all the flat roofs of the building.

A bell tower originally donated by a long-time member in November 1991 was refurbished and rededicated in the fall of 2023 at a special outdoor service, after it had undergone repairs and was repainted with a new finish to last for years to come.

The 35-foot-high bell tower stands in front of the church at 150 Chapel Street, and chimes the hour. At noon, 5:00 P.M., and on Sunday mornings it plays hymns which reflect the current season or holiday. It was a gift from Amelia Burfeind, whose husband Fred, passed away in 1987. For many years, both were active members and volunteers in the congregation.

In addition, several of the buildings cedar exterior walls which had warped and cracked, have been replaced in a new contemporary tone, giving the building a fresh look.

Grace Childcare Center, housed in several rooms within the church, remains a well-known daycare and full-day preschool for children two, three and four years old.

Grace Lutheran Church has remained a pillar of the community, and shares space with other congregations: Crossroads Community Church (Nondenominational), Faith Evangelical Church of Connecticut (Korean) and Insight for Life Church (Pentecostal).

Several non-profit organizations, such as Girl Scouts of CT, also have found space within its walls over the years, and the church has hosted several of the Community Conversations meetings, with Greg Reilly.

For more information, contact the church office at: 203-375-3151.


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