Thursday, June 13, 2024

Help with Hydrants


Keep Them Clean for Stratford’s Departments

Stratford Fire Department Division of Training/Safety

The Stratford Fire Department is asking residents and businesses to “adopt” their neighborhood fire hydrant and assure that it is accessible by creating a three-foot clearance from snow and other obstructions on all sides of the hydrant. By adopting a hydrant, participants will be helping to protect themselves, their family and their neighbors.

When there is a fire, the fire department must quickly locate and establish a water supply from the closest fire hydrant. If the hydrant is buried, valuable minutes are lost. Most fire engines carry only enough water for the first few minutes of the fire attack, so establishing a water supply from a hydrant quickly is critical.

If you adopt a hydrant, we’d like to know and say “thank you” by publicly showing the names of all those who are contributing to the safety of their community in this way. Please tell us your name (or your family name / business) and the location of the hydrant you have adopted. Send email to Captain Stephen O’Hara at .

After adopting a hydrant, you will receive an “Adoption Certificate” identifying the hydrant you adopted.

If you are unable to dig out a hydrant, but know where there is one that needs to be dug out, please call us at 203-385-4072. We’ll be happy to come and dig out your adopted hydrant for you.


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