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How to Keep Your Computer Stuff Safe: Easy Backup Tips


By Gregg Allen
The Working Computer, LLC

This column offers helpful information regarding Personal Computing maintenance geared toward the home user.  The goal is to give readers some helpful tips on how to perform basic maintenance tasks to keep their home computers “healthy”.

The author, Gregg Allen, is a computer educator and owner of The Working Computer, LLC.

How to Keep Your Computer Stuff Safe: Easy Backup Tips

Ever wonder “Should I be backing up my files so I can recover them if something goes wrong?” The short answer is, YES!  I’ll show you some simple steps to make sure all your important things stay safe and sound.

  • Make it easy: Think of backups as a way to protect your files and work. Set up a plan so your computer does this for you regularly, maybe every week. When your computer does it automatically – you don’t have to, because who has time or remembers this important task?
  • Keep Copies in Two Places: It’s like having two secret hideouts for your computer stuff. Put your things in a special online space called “the cloud”, and also in a special device (like a thumb drive) that you plug into your computer. This way, if one place is unavailable, the other still has your stuff!
  • Time Travel for Files: Ever wished you could go back in time? Backups can’t make you a time traveler, but they can help your files go back to the way they were. This is a lot better than trying to recreate them manually.
  • Lock Your Files with a Secret Code: If your computer gets hit with a not so nice virus, you can restore your files – minus the malware. Your computer can lock your files with encryption that’s super hard to break. Only your computer will know how to open and access the files once the virus has been dealt with.
  • Practice Bringing Back Your Stuff: You should practice getting your stuff back from your backups. It’s like rehearsing a play to make sure you know your lines. Plus, your computer will do the hardest parts for you and will make this task more familiar and easy when the real emergency happens.
  • Save Your Super Important Things: Not all files are important. Pick your favorites, like family pictures and stories you wrote. These are the only items to worry about for backups. Plus, it will require less space to backup only your
  • Store Your Backup in a Safe Place: After you do your backup, unplug the storage device. It’s like putting important items on a high shelf where no one can reach.
  • Keep the Computer Doctor Happy: Your computer needs a checkup, just like you do. Keep the backup stuff updated so it’s more relevant.
  • Change and Grow Together: Your computer stuff grows all the time. So, every now and then, see if your backup plan still fits. It’s like any plan – it works best when updated.

In conclusion, backing up your computer will save your files from all sorts of mishaps. It’s easier than you think to set up a plan, and it will save you time and grief when you may need to restore your important files.



  1. Very helpful info, Gregg… my husband and I really appreciated the time you spent with us working out the kinks in transferring old files from an old computer to a New one. you were so easy to work with, your rates were reasonable and we would heartily recommend your services as a computer trouble shooter. Thank you!


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