Thursday, April 25, 2024

Jennifer Budai


Stratford Town Council Candidate-District 6

If you are looking for someone to serve in Stratford’s Town Government who has an outstanding record of consistently contributing to our community, Jennifer Budai is you best choice for Councilwoman in the Sixth District.

A community organizer with a passion for making our lives better, Jen knows how to make things happen. Having resided with her husband in our town for nearly 25 years, she has worked tirelessly to make this town better by helping to ban fracking waste, help prevent the sale of Stratford’s water treatment plant, by advocating for Paid Family Medical Leave, fighting for Family Justice and Women’s rights, supporting quality health care, and helping victims of domestic abuse.

A true environmentalist, Jen has served on the Long Island Sound Advisory Board which has been instrumental in cleaning up the Sound. She even has family roots in Stratford which stretch back for generations.

A high energy leader with a successful career in financial risk management, Jen knows how to challenge budget decisions and asks the tough questions to ensure money is well spent.  She has expertise in regulatory affairs at both the Federal and State level and know how to enforce compliance. Who better to help pull Stratford out of its financially “distressed community” designation by the State of CT, thereby avoiding a state takeover of our town’s finances?

So how do we clean up Stratford government waste and stagnant leadership? – by electing Jen Budai and her fellow democrats to bring effective governing back to our government.

“In a nutshell, I care about the town, about my fellow citizens, and about you!” Jen Budai


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