Saturday, May 25, 2024

Kaitlyn Shake for Stratford Town Council District 2


by Kelly Griggs

When my husband and I were looking to make a home we decided on Stratford. We liked everything the town had to offer – hiking in Roosevelt Forest, beaches down in Lordship, activities at the library, and local events.

As we’ve grown our family, we’ve only become more sure that Stratford is our home. It’s important to us that we feel safe, secure, and heard by our town officials and representatives. We participate in local elections and care about who represents us.

With Kaitlyn Shake as our Councilwoman, we know we have someone looking out for our best interests. Whether it’s a concern about a construction project impacting our neighborhood, addressing issues about town spending, or providing an appropriate response to the COVID pandemic, we know Councilwoman Shake has our back. Her repeated efforts to get the mayor and town hall to protect our residents with common sense mask mandates and other public health measures make me feel safer in an unsure world.

Kaitlyn Shake’s repeated calls on Town Hall and Mayor Hoydick to institute a town-wide mask mandate for the safety of so many children and people who are unable to be vaccinated indicates a concern for the greater good. She uses sound judgment, facts, and listens to her fellow Stratford residents to push for changes that make a real impact.

With the local election coming at such a pivotal time in our town and country, it’s imperative that we keep people in office that truly care about us. Kaitlyn Shake has demonstrated her care through her actions, commitments, and calls for accountability.

I have every confidence that when she’s re-elected on November 2, 2021, my neighbors and I will continue to be seen, heard, and respected.


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