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Let Your Opinion on Stratford Be Known


Pop-Up’s for Plan Stratford This Weekend

Latin Festival and Shakespeare Market


Next Plan Stratford Workshops:

Saturday at the Latin Music Festival – Paradise Green Gazebo

121 Huntington Rd, Stratford

September 18th | 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Sunday at the Shakespeare Market

1850 Elm Street, Stratford

September 18th | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Other Plan Stratford Workshops:


Boothe Memorial Park & Museum Workshop

5800 Main St, Stratford, CT  06614

Thursday, September 29th | 6 – 8 p.m.


Baldwin Center Workshop

1000 W Broad St, Stratford, CT 06615

Thursday, October 13th | 6 – 8 p.m.


What Is Plan Stratford?

It is the opportunity for residents to give input on a Plan of Conservation and Development to be used as the Town’s guide for managing growth and conserving resources.

The Town’s Planning Commission is responsible for updating the Plan every ten years as mandated by the State. The Plan addresses multiple issues related to stewardship of the Town and provides a foundation for Town policy, capital investment, and it’s zoning regulations.

Stratford last undertook this process ten years ago culminating in the 2013 POCD.  This effort will provide an updated Plan that will address important issues related to Stratford’s growth and will provide a vision for its future.

The following website will take you to the 2013 POCD adopted by the Stratford Town Council:


What Are The Plan Elements That Will Be Covered in the POCD?

Demographic Trends


Land Use & Zoning

Conservation, Open Space & Recreation

Economic Development

Cultural & Historic Resources



Community Facilities, Infrastructure & Utilities

Energy & Environment

Resiliency & Waterfront Redevelopment

Placemaking & Urban Design


Why Should I Participate?


The development of PLAN STRATFORD lays the groundwork for projects such as Stratford Army Engine Plant (SAEP) and Center School redevelopment, Greenways, Complete Streets, parks and playground improvements, etc.


It promotes housing choices and resiliency initiatives, and helps advance community grand list.


Who Is On The Planning Team?


Technical Advisory Committee Members Are:

Laura Hoydick. Mayor


Jermaine Atkison. Deputy Fire Chief


Susmitha Attota. Town Planner/POCD Project Manager


Paul Aurelia. Planning Commission Member


Andrea Boissevain. Health Director


Brian Budd. Administrative Police Captain


John Casey. Town Engineer


Larry Ciccarelli. Public Safety Director


Alivia Coleman. Health Program Associate


Mary Dean. Economic Development Director


Brian Donovan. Building Official


Michael Downes. Chief of Staff


Matt Fulda. Director of MetroCOG


Jay Habansky. Planning & Zoning Administrator


Kelly Kerrigan. Conservation Superintendent


Amy Knorr, Recreation Superintendent


Brian Lampart, Fire Chief


Joseph McNeil, Police Chief


Bryan O’Connor, Chairman of Planning Commission


Tara Petrocelli, Director of Community Development


Greg Reilly, Grants Writer


Dawn Savo, Finance Director


Raynae Serra, Public Safety Director


Elizabeth Sulik, Executive Director of Stratford Housing Authority


Tamara Trojanowski, Community Services, Youth Services, and Senior Services Director


Christopher Tymniak, CAO


Community Advisory Committee


Bryan O’Connor, Chairman of Planning Commission


William Boyd, Vice Chairman of Planning Commission


Paul Aurelia, Regular member of Planning Commission


Sarah Graham, Regular member of Planning Commission


Alec Voccola, Regular member of Planning Commission


Tami-Lyn Morse, Alternate member of Planning Commission


Brian Stirbis, Alternate member of Planning Commission


Daniel Senft, Alternate member of Planning Commission


Planning Consultants


Rory Jacobson, Lead Project Manager, FHI Studio


Francisco Gomes, Senior Project Manager, FHI Studio


Dave Murphy, Subconsultant, Resilient Land and Water


Glenn Chalder, Subconsultant, Planimetrics


Susmitha Attota, AICP

Town Planner

(203) 385-4017

[email protected]


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