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“Let’s Talk”


By Chris Green
Chris Green is running for CT State Senate in November 2022 for the 21st District

One thing I have learned from knocking on thousands of doors and talking to hundreds of voters is that, despite the popular narratives in the media and on social media about increasing political divides, many of us fall somewhere in the middle.

Residents love our state, but they see things that should be changed. They see room for improvement across both sides of the aisle. They want solutions and compromises, not mud-slinging and gridlock.

Most voters also want to make informed decisions with their vote; they understand who they elect impacts the quality of their lives. But with all the different levels of government, it can be difficult to keep up with who your state legislators are – let alone how they voted or where they stand on key issues.

My name is Chris Green and I’m running for State Senate in the 21st District encompassing Shelton, most of Stratford, and parts of Seymour and Monroe. I’m running against State Sen. Kevin Kelly. While we have some common ground, there are important differences in our beliefs.

More than ever, it is important for public servants and political figures to embrace transparency and lead by example to show that this country has a path towards a brighter future through lively but respectful public discourse. I sent Sen. Kelly an email on September 2nd inviting him privately to work with me to arrange for this opportunity. As I haven’t heard back, I am making the same plea now, publicly.

Dialogue is the foundation of democracy. I invite Sen. Kelly to reach me at so we can work together to create an opportunity for the voters to make an informed choice on November 8th. Voters can find more information about my campaign at


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