Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Letter To The Editor


By Scott Farrington-Posner, Former 2nd District Town Councilman

Keep voting in the Republicans on the BOE and Town Council! They always have your child’s best interest in mind…right? NO! STOP being blind at the voting booth people! Seriously, think about who has controlled all the decisions now for years in Stratford and you keep voting the same like-minded people in.

Stratford Republicans have failed children, parents, and educators year after year and the north end folks who really seem to be the loudest about this budget are the ones voting them in. How ironic!!

How many parents are actually registered to vote and how many of you actually vote? Not enough and unless you’re willing to start then sit down and continue being useless cause that’s what you do every November!

I’m talking mainly to South End folks that can really change the political landscape of Stratford IF you just vote! Districts 3 and 4 don’t even have a 20% turnout while the north end districts, who primarily vote Republican, have a much better and much higher turnout. Therefore, THEY WIN! THE TEACHERS AND CHILDREN LOSE!

For the people that sit home and don’t vote… thank them as well! Over 30,000 registered voters in Stratford and maybe 1/3 will vote in the elections. Point fingers all you want but it’s the voters in Stratford that are ULTIMATELY TO BLAME. You can’t get out of your own BIASED MIND to make the town better.

1. Start getting educated about who you’re voting for.

2. Stop voting for Republicans that have failed this town and the schools for years AND EVERYTHING IS DOCUMENTED IN MEETING MINUTES.

3. South End Folks need to start voting in greater numbers and they may need help with that! Offer rides, carpools, assistance, child care. Outreach and education to voters is pertinent to getting results that benefit our schools and our children’s education.


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