Thursday, April 25, 2024

Letter to the Editor


Affordability For Seniors

Chris Green
Democratic Candidate for State Senate District 21 in Stratford, Shelton, Seymour and Monroe

We must push for affordability- especially for seniors.

Affordability is an issue impacting everyone — especially seniors on fixed incomes. It’s an issue I’m glad to see our Governor and the Democratic leadership in Hartford taking steps to address.

In particular, this year’s budget expedited a plan to exempt most retirees in CT from state income tax on their pensions, social security and annuities with a similar exemption rolling out for 401ks over the next few years. More information can be found here: The state also has moved to cap the price of insulin and the Inflation Reduction Act will cap out-of-pocket pharmaceutical costs for those on Medicare.

As a Democrat running to be the next State Senator in District 21, which includes most of Stratford, I believe more needs to be done. Specifically, we need to continue to find ways to increase transparency surrounding healthcare price tags, follow through on our efforts to benchmark costs, and continue to push for screening and preventative care as a way to improve health outcomes while decreasing spending. Beyond health care expenses, we also should consider a property tax break for seniors and find ways to increase the supply of senior housing in the area, as the current waiting lists are unacceptably long.

I will fight to protect our seniors while also continuing to push for a path that looks out for all of our families and our future  Not only did this year’s budget include a tax break for our seniors, it also helped families with children and made historic payments on the state’s pension debt.That payment helped all taxpayers by saving us almost half a billion dollars a year moving forward and increasing in our bond rating, which will make continuing to repay the debt more affordable.

My opponent voted against this budget, calling for more tax cuts now funded entirely by more debt for later. This is a gimmick, not a tax cut. He also opposed CT’s new paid family leave program.  Given the crisis of affordability that is pushing so many families to the brink, reasonable safety nets that ensure workers have something to make ends meet in case of injury, illness, or the birth of a child are more important than ever.

I look forward to working hard for seniors and residents of all ages in this district. You can find more information on my campaign at



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