Saturday, July 20, 2024

Letters To The Editor


Janice Cupee
Former Board of Education Member

It has been several days since the Republican Town Council members plus Alvin O’Neal voted in favor of the town’s 2024-2025 budget that neglects the needs of our children. A lingering feeling of disappointment, disgust, and betrayal pervades. It was painful sitting in the meeting listening to the deliberate ignorance with which some members spoke about why they voted favorably, and the self-aggrandizement of others.

I want to thank Councilman Chris Green (District 2), Councilwoman René Gibson (District 4), Councilman Anthony Afriyie (District 5), and Councilwoman Kaitlyn Shake (District 7) for all the actual hard work they put into learning about the municipal budget, learning about the needs of our schools and town, and trying to find efficiencies to help increase the education funding. Not because of any personal ties they may have to the school system such as having children attending one of our schools, or being a product of one themselves, but because they hold a strong belief in the value of a good public education system.

I also want thank them for trying to increase funding for our Library and Sterling House, driven by genuine appreciation for their significance to our residents and not because they serve on their boards or any other obligations.

We are all fortunate as a town for having the four of them, who are committed to fighting for us and giving us hope for this town’s future, which can seem grim at times.

Thank you for caring! I can safely speak for many families and say that we truly appreciate your fight and advocacy.


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