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Letters to the Editor


by Anthony Owusu Afriyie
Zoning Board of Appeals
District 5 and District 6 (Zone 3)

Annuit Cœptis  Annuit cœptis is one of two mottos on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States. The literal translation is “favors [our] undertakings”, from Latin annuo, and coeptum.

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” Epictetus

When you hear talk of politics, we tend to associate running for office with expensive money machine congressional, senatorial, and presidential races, but local offices are just as or even more important.

As a candidate for the Board of Zoning Appeals Zone 3 (District 5 and 6), I’m running in the community I am part of. I see what my community needs, what it lacks, and where it excels. I feel the potholes on my road, I jog on the sidewalks that are falling apart, and play in the parks that have been neglected. Season after season I see the local businesses which have served my community well over the years and know the vacant storefronts whose owners packed up and moved away.

What many people don’t realize is that the house you live in, the street that you park on, that the playground you go to with your kids; they’re the product of zoning. It’s the invisible hand that molds the locale to fit its character. Get it right, our quality of life goes up. Get it wrong, businesses struggle, roads get clogged, and there’s nowhere to play.

I yearn to make a difference and reimagine what Stratford can be. Focusing on equity and environmental justice to propel Stratford into modern-day methods. Hence, identifying the town’s vulnerability to coastal flooding is one of the many zoning issues that are paramount to me. Including the consequences of floods; and striving to identify strategies, actions, and projects that can be employed to minimize these consequences to create a more resilient Stratford.

I’d also promote the development of accessory housing which would increase the opportunity for economic security for our elderly and young people who are getting priced out of living in Fairfield County. Sitting on the Board of Zoning Appeals would grant me the opportunity to do something selfless while maximizing the standard of living for my neighbors.

I look at the world, and I know it can be better and I will try everything in my power to help make it so. But it starts here, on my street, in my neighborhood, in my town. My call to action is now! I seek to ensure the interest of my community is reflected in the development and evolution of our town going forward.

I’m running for this office because I want to promote the mainstream values of work, family, community, and reform my local government in a way that will enhance the opportunity for all. I seek this office because I want to be a problem solver and solution finder for my neighbors. It’s time to reimagine and redesign our town to be more livable, safer, and immersed in environmental justice.

On November 2nd, vote Row A. Vote for candidates that reflect Stratford diversity. Vote for a fresh perspective. Vote because local politics matter.

I’m Anthony Owusu Afriyie for more information please go to Together let us be the change we seek in the world!


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