Thursday, June 13, 2024

Letters To The Editor


Plan to Combat Stratford’s Persistent Economic Woes

by Immacula Cann

In the face of Mayor Hoydick’s failed leadership, and as the endorsed mayoral candidate, I am releasing my five-point plan to rescue Stratford’s ailing economy. On the state’s “distressed municipality” list for the second year in a row, Stratford faces fewer jobs, higher taxes, and — without a change in leadership — is at serious risk of continuing its ongoing cycle of decline.

“It’s important voters know about Mayor Hoydick’s record of failure, but equally important that they know how I intend to fix it as the next Mayor of Stratford,” said Democratic mayoral nominee Immacula Cann. “This plan is realistic, attainable, and finally leverages Stratford’s tremendous potential and natural advantages towards making life better for our residents and families.”

The Cann Economic Plan, to be implemented starting Day One of my administration, follows:

  • Hire an Economic Development Director & Chief Innovation Officer to expand opportunities, effectively analyze data, and enhance town operations
  • Invest in families with the creation of a Stratford Land Bank, similar to other towns, and fully engage the CT Green Bank & CT Redevelopment Fund
  • Leverage all available state and federal grants and allocate funding appropriately throughout the year, addressing long-standing issues
  • Create a Manufacturing Jobs Pipeline, with youth training, to keep families here, improve earning potential, and create the workforce businesses need
  • Offer smart, targeted tax breaks and small business grants, including $10k in startup support, to attract new businesses and invest in existing companies

“Mayor Hoydick claims we’re thriving, but under her administration we’ve lost over 1,000 jobs and our unemployment has soared above the state average,” said Stratford Democratic Chair Steve Taccogna. “And she wants us to be happy about a revaluation that shifts the tax burden to struggling families?  That’s failing, not thriving.  Either she’s unaware and needs to go, or she knows, hasn’t done anything about it, and really needs to go.”



  1. What a message of hope for our town. A plan to break free of the government stagnation and procrastination that is dragging Stratford down and creating a sense of helplessness in our citizens. Thank you Immacula Cann. 👏


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