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Making Stratford A True Town for All Seasons


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About Stratford Forward

We are a focused on creating a blueprint for success by bringing people together to learn from each other in order to improve our community.

We are committed residents of Stratford who are non-partisan and believe in building a foundation of trust.  We do this by listening to each other, creating consensus, holding forums, securing expert consultations and driving change one issue at a time.

Stratford needs a vision and a master plan – we have a great opportunity for the town to redesign itself and create a thriving future.

Our town must work with world class professionals to use this great opportunity to grow, thrive, and create financial stability.  These are our “Big 4” opportunities.

Big 4 Opportunities

Rebuilding the Shakespeare Theatre

Stratford Forward is a proud Partner of the American Globe Center (AGC) – a new Stratford non-profit dedicated to re-building on the grounds of the “Shakespeare Property”.  Here’s more from the AGC!

Our Goal

The former grounds of the American Shakespeare Festival Theatre will soon house the world’s only Historically Accurate Re-creation of Shakespeare’s 1614 Globe Theatre, as part of the American Globe Center, which also includes the Stratford Playhouse – our Modern Performing Arts & Education Center and Multi-function/Event Space.

Cultural Destination

Stratford will become home to a true destination for the region, the nation, and the world – presenting engaging, inclusive, entertainment-guaranteed classical theatre, alongside the best of today’s hits, to thousands of visitors from all around the world.

Who We Are

Established theatre and business professionals with a proven track record of funding and building commercially successful Shakespeare re-creation theatres, providing excellence in entertainment, equity, education, and economic development.

Center School Redevelopment

Stratford needs a Nationally recognized Urban Planning organization (like the Yale Urban Design Workshop) to help create a vision and cohesive plan for our town, leveraging the Shakespeare site, Center School Site, Complete Streets and more. The time is now.

Stratford is vetting developers on the Center School site, and must consider the best interest of residents and our historic town. We care about what goes into the Center School site, and do not support another oversized apartment complex or self storage facility.

Stratford deserves thoughtful, mixed use development that includes retail, open space, and opportunities for our community to thrive. Let’s make Stratford the VIBRANT destination that we all know it can be!

Here’s one vision of what Stratford Forward would propose for the space:

A Mission for Stratford

Our Goal

To Create a Sustainable and Resilient Community – built to support the development of a healthy, happy community of people by respecting and cultivating each other and the environment in which we live. We believe we can…

Make Stratford the happiest place to live.

Make employers want to hire in Stratford.

Create an environment that encourages businesses.

Make Stratford the most affordable place to live and work in Connecticut

Support families.

Help our teachers be great.

Support learning environments through incentives and innovation.

Our Focus

Energy Utilization – Driving for local development control and sufficiency.

Transportation – Making it easier and safer to bicycle. Making transportation from the train to destination seamless. Providing public transportation to the beach, train, shopping, etc. via a transit district trolley.

Educational Innovation – Liberating our teachers to teach and explore new models for student engagement and family support.

Business Development – Making products for local and CT consumption. Promote small businesses, wellness centers, garden centers/boutique farming and the arts.

And our Favorite: The Stratford Crier

The Stratford Crier is an independent, local news outlet in Stratford, designed to educate and inform the people of Stratford.  Stratford Forward Board Member, Barbara Heimlich, proudly guides the content and quality of the Crier, and she wants your help to write, edit, and cover town events. Calling All Journalists!

The Crier wants to reach every household in Stratford, and encourage civic engagement through educating and informing the public.  From every Town Meeting to every new development to every weekend event – the Stratford Crier is YOUR town source for news.

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  1. A very ambitious plan for “growing” Stratford in many positive directions. My first wish is to see the American Globe Center come to fruition. First it must get the approval of the Stratford Town Council, and that hasn’t happened yet. When I emailed the Mayor and the Council Chair about approval on this wonderful plan which would cost taxpayers nothing,

    I got no response.


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