Metro-North Schedule Change

Letters To The Editor

By Bianca Genao


I’m a CT resident who commutes from Stratford to Grand Central. I take the 6:43 A.M. train that arrives at Grand Central by 8:19 A.M. Our conductor just announced that this train will no longer run starting Monday June 5th, 2023. I looked on the website and found an announcement that the train was being removed to accommodate Amtrak?!!! So CT commuters have to be inconvenienced so that Amtrak customer can have better service?. This is very unfair and inconsiderate. I now have to take the 6:16 A.M. train or take the 7:05 A.M. which will get me to work late every day. I’m sure others are complaining because the reasoning behind it is very distasteful.

Thank you

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