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Preserve Greenspace / Oppose Development of and around 99 Hawley Lane


Public Hearing on Proposed Development on Wednesday.

Editor’s Note:  A petition, Preserve Greenspace / Oppose Development of and around 99 Hawley Lane has been started.

According to organizers:

There is a proposal to develop the land along Hawley Lane behind the Big Y into a 129 unit apartment complex. This is currently green space, much of it wetlands home to peepers, turtles, deer, bobcat and countless birds just to name a few. It is full of trees and plants that sequester carbon, produce oxygen and provide home to many species of wildlife.  The development would not only destroy wildlife, but also flood the space with bright artificial lighting which is bad for migrating birds and nocturnal pollinators.
Traffic in the area is barely tolerable and more multiplex housing will congest the streets even more. Please sell this land to a Land Trust instead of developing it.

To sign the petition go to:

Make your voice heard – here is your opportunity to speak up at a public hearing on the proposal.



Wednesday, June 15th at 7 p.m.

The Stratford Inland Wetlands Commission will conduct a public hearing on Wednesday June 15th at 7:00PM in the Town Council Chambers, pursuant to notice duly given and posted.

  1. Business to be discussed

2022-4: Construction of a 110,000 SF 129-unit residential apartment complex with 2,500 SF community building and associated parking and infrastructure. Address: 99 Hawley Lane. Assessor’s Map Reference: Map 20.16, Block 4, Lot 1. Applicant: Mountain Development Corp.

A regular meeting of the Inland Wetlands Commission will follow the public hearing.

Special Message: Any individual with a disability who needs special assistance to participate in the meeting should contact the ADA coordinator at (203) 385-4020 or 385-4022 (TDD), Five (5) days before the scheduled meeting, if possible.


  1. Thanks for posting this important heads up regarding possible infringement on MORE of Stratford’s green space. Information regarding Friday, 6/10’s 3:00 walk-through which is open to the public to view the area in question AND details on Wednesday, 6/15’s public hearing are not available on the Stratford Town web site, so it is very much appreciated to see that info here. Many thanks Stratford Crier. This gives citizens a chance to give input into how this issue plays out.


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