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Ask The Registrar

By Registrar James Simon (D)
Special August 2022 Edition

Q. Who gets to vote in the Aug. 9th primary election? Do I go to my usual polling location?

The polling locations in Stratford have remained consistent for a decade. You can double-check your location here:

Any registered Democrats or Republicans can vote in the primary, either in person at the polls or through Absentee Ballots. Given how close we are to Aug. 9th, I would not start the process now of applying for an AB because it may not get returned and processed in time.

Q. What will the Democratic ballot look like?

There are two statewide races on the Democratic side. Party members will choose a candidate for Secretary of State between Stephanie Thomas (Endorsed Democratic Nominee) and Maritza Bond.

For state Treasurer, they will choose among Erick Russell (Endorsed Democratic Nominee), Dita Bhargava and Karen DuBois-Walton.

Many Democrats in Districts 2,3,and 4 also will choose a party candidate for the state Senate in the 23rd Senate district. The candidates are Herron Gaston and Dennis Bradley.

Q. How about the Republicans?

Party members will choose a U.S. Senate candidate to run against Democratic incumbent Richard Blumenthal in the fall. The GOP candidates are Themis Klarides, Leora R. Levy and Peter Lumaj.

GOP voters also will choose a candidate for Secretary of State; contenders are Dominic Rapini and Terrie E. Wood. (A third candidate, Brock Weber, dropped out after some of the ballots were printed.)

All candidates have a web page offering information on their background.

Q. I am Unaffiliated with either party. Why can’t I vote?

Primary elections are designed to give party members a voice in who runs in the November general election, so that it is not just up to party leaders. Connecticut restricts participation to party members; other states allow Open Primaries where you can vote for whomever you want.

Q. When is the best time to go to vote and avoid long lines?

Turnout in this primary election is expected to be so light that you can pretty much go any time and not face long lines. But traditionally, turnout is heaviest from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m., around noontime, and 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

You might expect long lines as the 8 p.m. voting deadline approaches; actually, they are usually short at that point.

More Questions? Please Send Them To Registrar Jim Simon; This is not an official publication of the Town of Stratford.

James Simon
Registrar of Voters (D)
Town of Stratford
2725 Main St.
Stratford CT 06615
203 385 4049

• Register to Vote; change your name, address and/or Party affiliation:

• Look up and see if you are already registered:

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