Thursday, May 30, 2024

Progressive Voters Platform PAC


By Timothy Bristol

Help support progressives in Connecticut by contributing to Citizens for Progress PAC. Our organization is dedicated to promoting progressive ideals and progressive candidates throughout the state. We support candidates who share our values and oppose the MAGA Trump agenda.

Our platform includes progressive policies such as supporting Working Class Families with$15 Minimum Wage, Pro-Paid Family Medical Leave, Pro-Choice, Public Healthcare, Public Education, & Pro-Cannabis Unionization.

Pro-Public Transportation is also a platform because the State GOP candidates want to privatize the Department of Transportation, and we stand with the working families that this legislation will impact the most.

We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community for safe and productive public education, business, and home life. No one should be criticized for his or her gender identity, sexual orientation, or race.

Progressive Tax Reform Connecticut residents making under $40,000 in household income had 26% of their taxes taken away last year. We support non-regressive forms of legislation that will benefit the working class and Tax the 1%

We are asking for your support to fight for progressive values and stop the Bob Stefanowski and the other MAGA Republicans from being elected and pushing through their big business, tax breaks for the wealthy, anti-abortion agenda.

We need your help, please visit our website –, and contribute to our cause.


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