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Editor’s Note:  Despite there being a motion to approve the new redistricted map and send it to the Town Council with a factorable recommendation, there was no map presented.  So, we don’t know who and where we will be!!! Stay tuned for future public hearing on map.

The Election District Revision Commission conducted a meeting on Wednesday April 12th in Stratford Town Hall.

Members present were:

  • Jim Connor – 8 District Town Council
  • Lou DeCilio – Republican Registrar of Voters
  • Chris Pia – 1st District Town Council
  • Kim Rice-4 District Town Council
  • Kathleen Callahan – Democrat Town Committee Chairman (for Jim Simon)

Members of the Public were not allowed to speak, but will be able to do so at any future Public Hearings.

According to the mintues of the meeting:


Mr. DeCilio noted on 5-26-2022 Gov. Lamont signed Senate Bill 753 which requires prison inmates to be counted for purposes of redistricting using the address where they most recently lived immediately prior to their incarceration. He explained demographer Beth Daponte interpreted the 8-10% clause as no district shall be less than 8% and no more than 10% of the total population. Mr. Connor accepted a motion by Mr. DeCilio to accept the opinion of demographer Beth Daponte. Mr. Pia seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Upon discussion, Mr. Connor accepted a motion by Mr. DeCilio to approve and send to the Town Council with a favorable recommendation the redistricting maps with accurate data. Mr. Pia seconded the motion, which passed 5-0.



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