Friday, May 24, 2024

Representative McGorty Asks for a Public Debate on Governor’s Emergency Powers


by State Rep. Ben McGorty
122nd District

“I sent the following letter to Democratic legislative leaders asking that the 10 members of the Public Health Emergency Committee meet to debate the Governor’s extension of his Public Health and Civil-Preparedness Emergencies. I believe strongly that it is the job of this state’s legislature to write new legislation and alter existing laws, not the Governor. I also disagree with those who believe the Governor needs the emergency declarations extended to respond to COVID-19, as he can still issue executive orders relating to testing, vaccinations, and other needs if those declarations are allowed to expire.

I agree with the assessment of my colleagues, Republic leaders Rep. Candelora (R-86) and Sen. Kelly (R-21) that “it is not unreasonable to ask for certain modifications to the exercise of the Governor’s authority. Businesses should be provided more time to adjust to government’s ever-changing restrictions, and government should respect people’s right to exercise their religion again.”


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