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Republican’s Call For Special Session on Taxes


State Representative Ben McGorty, (R)
122nd Connecticut House District

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In a press conference Tuesday, House and Senate Republicans unveiled a plan to make Connecticut more affordable for you and your family. You can read our full plan, offering immediate and sustainable relief, below.

Connecticut Families Need Relief

Connecticut is unaffordable and growing more unaffordable by the day. At the same time, Connecticut is overtaxing its residents. While state revenues surge because of inflation, household budgets are strained to the breaking point.

We believe the over taxation of CT residents must be returned to taxpayers.

During the 2022 legislative session, CT Republicans proposed a $1.2 billion tax relief plan that would have provided immediate, significant, and long-term tax relief to Connecticut’s working- and middle-class families facing historic inflation.

Democrats voted against this tax relief package during the regular legislative session, instead opting for only short-term rebates for a select few. Meanwhile, the pain has not stopped for CT families.

Since the state budget adjustment passed, state revenues have grown even further. As government gets richer, CT families are only experiencing more pain. They need further relief.

CT Republicans are calling for a special session to make Connecticut more affordable and deliver further tax relief – including relief from rising energy costs and cutting the income tax, sales tax, and taxes that drive up the prices of food.

Tell your lawmakers to hold a special session. Add your voice:

Following the 2022 legislative session budget adjustments, Connecticut is projected to close its fiscal year with a $956.4 million surplus. Factoring in the state’s revenue cap, this leaves $746.2 million in surplus funds available immediately to provide further tax relief.

The following tax relief can be provided to Connecticut’s working and middle class residents immediately by using solely state surplus funds.

This tax relief can be provided without any budget cuts.

We can provide this relief and still contribute a historic $2.85 billion in additional funds to pay down pension debt.

We can provide this relief and still preserve a record breaking $3.3 billion in the state budget reserve fund – the maximum amount allowed.

Reduce Income Tax for Working and Middle Class: Lower the income tax rate from 5% to 4% for individuals earning less than $75,000 and joint filers earning less than $175,000 annually

Total Tax Relief: $386.6 million

Expand Gas Tax Holiday to Diesel:

Eliminate the entire state excise tax on diesel through end of 2022.

Total Tax Relief: $60 million

Reduce the Sales Tax and Eliminate Meals Tax: Suspend the 1% meals tax on prepared foods and reduce the sales tax from 6.35% to 5.99% through the end of calendar year 2022.

Total Tax Relief: $212.1 million

Relief for Rising Energy Costs: Bolster assistance to families that need help paying for energy costs like heating oil.

Total Relief: $42.5 million

Please do not hesitate to reach me regarding any state issues,


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