South End Flooding Mitigation Project

Planning Commission Joint Meeting with the Conservation Commission, Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission

October 17, 2023
Special Joint Meeting Minutes

The Town of Stratford Planning Commission conducted a special joint meeting with the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission and the Conservation Commission on Tuesday October 17th in Council Chambers of Stratford Town Hall.

The topic of discussion and presentations were on the persistent flooding in the South End of Stratford.


  • Susmitha Attota – Town Planner
  • Laura Hoydick – Mayor
  • Kelly Kerrigan – Environmental Conservation Superintendent


  • Nate Burgess – Dodson & Plinker
  • Wayne Colbeigh- OZA Environmental
  • John Truscinski -CIRCA


Resilient Stratford South End Plan Review of Flood Mitigation Projects_

Mr. Truscinski explained the need for this project. Mr. Colbeigh discussed the following:

  • Coastal Community Resiliency Plan Results Project Progress Timeline 2015 – Present
  • Stratford Coastal Resilience Strategies, Actions & Projects (Integrated Flood Protection System)
  • GZA Hydrodynamic Flood Modeling
  • Community Resilience 2023-2026
  • Lordship Commercial/Industrial area (Project Information and Potential Multifunctional Landscape)
  • Lordship (Project Information, Elevated Roadway and Barrier)
  • Access Road (Project Information, Flood Protection and Elevated Road) Mr. Burgess explained the following:
  • Orange Street Greenway with Storm water Storage (Voluntary Pre-Disaster Buyout Areas, Drainage, Greenway Easement and Greenway Extension)
  • Orange Street Greenway – Multifunctional Landscape
  • Typical Existing Conditions
  • Elevating Existing Houses? (Not currently feasible for most residents)
  • Improve Resilience through Zoning Improvements/Changes
  • Identify Community Vision
  • Existing Zoning Regulations
  • Redefine Maximum Building Height
  • Maintain Current Number of Housing Units in Neighborhood with Greenway

The video of the meeting can be viewed on YouTube:

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