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State Representative: Phil Young District 120


This year has been challenging for many of us and I hope we can look towards 2021 with a renewed sense of optimism. The 2021 legislative session will begin January 6 and you can expect a continued commitment by me to serve our community and carry our district’s voices to the state capitol. I want to hear from you about the issues that matter most to you and your family.

In addition to marking the start of 2021, January 1 also marks the enactment of new laws in our state.

Among these is legislation capping the monthly cost of insulin and other equipment necessary to manage diabetes. The law also permits pharmacists to prescribe a 30-day supply of diabetes-related drugs and devices to patients in certain emergency situations.

Other acts effective January 1, 2021

An act recommended by the Insurance Department for changes to the insurance statutes. Among other things, it

(1) allows the insurance commissioner to engage the services of insurance professionals to review certain form and rate filings,
(2) opts Connecticut into the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact for disability income products, and
(3) allows certain insurance documents to be sent electronically with an insured’s consent.

The act also changes the date dependent coverage terminates under benefit plans procured by the comptroller for the benefit of surviving spouses and dependent children of certain first responders who die in the line of duty. Under the act, a dependent child’s coverage under such a plan terminates the earlier of the end of the calendar year, rather than the end of the policy year, in which the child turns age 26 or obtains insurance through his or her own employment

Additionally, the act (1) amends the information that companies administering certain 403(b) retirement plans for political subdivisions of the state must disclose to plan participants and (2) requires the companies to provide the same information to the state comptroller, who must annually post the disclosures.

Also enacted is an act concerning emergency responses by electric distribution companies, as well as the regulation of other public utilizes. The 13-page document can be found at:

Public Act No. 20-5

Points of interest:

  • Response based increases
  • Limiting executive salaries
  • Reimbursement of lost food due to power outages.


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